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Bear Loco - My Great Pyrenees who survived being hit by a train.


Bear is doing incredibly well!  He’s been out of his harness now for over a month and is essentially back on duty, making his rounds in the mountains, fending off predators with his roar! He still has a bit of a hobble but he’s going on daily walks with me and his pack, taking a dip in the creek and coming in for some afternoon naps. 

Although he has become accustomed to coming inside when the weather is too hot and letting his sidekicks (Hela, Tallulah, and Kismet) take over.  There are no words to describe his devotion to his farm.  If I can be anything when I grow up…it’s my boy Bear.  Thank you all for sending well wishes, donations, and love our way. He’s still got some recovery to do but it was all made possible by all of you!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


For those who do not know last week one of my Great Pyrenees was hit by a train while chasing out coyotes from the farm protecting my goats and chickens. He takes his job incredibly seriously and apparently lost focus as he chased them from my property across my neighbors pastures, across the river to the railroad  (approx 1.5mi from my house).

He sustained a partial pneumothorax, transverse complete fracture of his right humerus along with two pelivc fractures.  He had surgery to repair the right humeral fracture having 2 plates and a rod installed.  The doctors believe his pelvic fractures can heal without surgery but it is not out of the picture.  Fortunate to have no spinal injury or paralysis.

He has been at the Virginia-Maryland Veterinary School and Teaching Hospital for the past week.  I am incredibly impressed and grateful with the care he has received thus far (and that I live 20mins from the school).

The doctors, students, techs, and support staff have been exceptional!

He is still at the hospital as he needs to pass urine and stool before he can come home.

It is going to be a long recovery and at the moment he can’t stand up on his own nor walk without lift assistance.

When he gets home he will be receiving the best of conventional and naturopathic care. Red Light therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal will be employed to expedite his healing process.  I had a conversation with his doctors regarding this and possible PRP injections to support his hip fractures once they have healed a bit more.


I am thankful he is still alive and although beat up right now he is expected to heal to about 85-90% of her previous self.

 I do not have a final bill as of yet but last estimate was $8500…

For those who have donated funds, sent healing prayers, have helped around the farm and provided emotional support…you are appreciated and loved!  I am incredibly humbled by everyone’s generosity.


For those who would like to follow history you can do so on the clinic Facebook Page or Instagram page.


If you would like to donate to aid in Bear’s recovery you can Venmo or PayPal me @DrDaveHamilton

I am also making and selling a limited edition goat milk soap called “Bear Loco” (locomotive)

It has activated charcoal in it, and scent is essential oils of Cedarwood, Pine, Fir, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, and Vetiver.

Cost is $10 per bar or $2 for 18 + $5 shipping or local pick up is available.

(please send address with payment)

As I am currently making a batch a day, it will not be ready for at least 2 weeks as that is the minimum cure time and suggested it cure for a few more week before use.


I am still available for appointments but my have less in person consultations due to taking care of a Bear.  Best way to schedule is to go to schedule through this website.  I appreciate your patience as this transition is being made



With much gratitude and humility…


In Health,


Dr. Dave

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Liz Evans

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