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2024 Nature Cure Membership

The wellness plan is an affordable membership plan designed  to supplement your current health insurance coverage with the naturopathic modalities that support your body’s ability to self-heal.

Services Offered

Member Pricing*

Non-Member Pricing

Initial Office Visit

$200 first month, $89/month x 11


Follow Up Office Visit

4 follow ups a year (infants all well child visits included) additional are $95 vs $125

$125 30mins 

$195 60mins

Custom Herbal Formula

10% discount


Optimum Wellness Lab Panel

included (details below)


Online Apothecary FullScript Discount

10% Discount

No Discount

Discount on Specialty labs

10% Discount

No Discount

*Membership Pricing with 1 year signed contract  $200 for first month then $89/month x 11 for a single member and $79 for each additional family member. Monthly memberships will be automatically deducted from debit or credit card each month.

**If contract is canceled prior to 12 months, services rendered will be charged retroactively at regular price. 

***Contract automatically renews at $89/month unless otherwise specified.

Payment for services is due at the time that services are rendered. Payments may be made in cash, check, debit card, MC, Visa or Discover.

Nature Cure Membership Includes:

This program includes the following:

This program can be completed via telehealth or in person.

  • 90min-120min initial Consultation
  • 4 – 30mins follow up sessions (additional sessions are $95 vs $125 for a 30min follow up session, $145 vs $195 for 1hr follow up sessions)
  • Annual Wellness Lab work (CBC, CMP, TSH, FT3, FT4, Iron with ferritin, homocysteine, folate/B12, vitamin D3, fasting blood sugar with HgA1c, lipid panel, and CRP-HS)
  • Ongoing Functional Nutrition Support
  • Discounts on other Functional Chemistry/Lab
  • Access to professional quality supplements
  • 10% discount on custom herbal formulas
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • 10% discount on supplements vis FullScript

In office follow up visits may include but are not limited to the following:

-cupping techniques

-Custom herbal formulations



-Spinal and soft tissue adjustments

-Diet assessment and planning

-Nutritional supplement prescriptions and recommendations

-Visualization therapies

-Various emotional and energy release techniques

-Detoxing/Drainage therapies

-Muscle-energy release techniques

COST: $200 first month then $89/month for first individual for 11months, for additional family members or established patients the fee per month is $79/month for 12 month cycles. 

Supplements, additional labs & additional follow up sessions are purchased separately. Supplements are offered at a discount from retail price.