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“Comprehensive, sensitive, professional, compassionate, insightful, patient, understanding and empathetic!”

Bryan Dechter.

“Dr. Dave is a caring and kind doctor. He is very easy to talk to and takes time to help in anyway that he can. His knowledge of herbal medicine is impressive. He and his wife are the real deal when it comes to sustainable living. I have been very happy with the results I have gotten on several health issues that I wasn’t able to find help with previously. I highly recommend him every chance I get. “

Kathy Bellavia.

“Dr. Dave is a true healer. My husband and I have been seeing him since he arrived in Charlotte and his care for us has been wonderful. He has helped us with everything from acute illness to difficult problems. Not to mention he whips up a mean herbal tincture!”

Brianna Davis.

“I began seeing Dr. Dave last fall. I have struggled with various chronic health issues for many years. While there is a time and place for Western medicine, I feel chronic conditions are best healed/managed with a more natural approach. Dr. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and truly listens. You owe it to yourself to find true healing. Dr. Dave’s custom tinctures are a game changer! If you’ve never been to a naturopathic physican, you are in for a treat. Be willing to give a complete medical history, be honest, and most of all be willing to try something different. It will be the best gift you could ever give yourself.”

Penny Lyon

“It is truly a pleasure to recommend Dr David Hamilton. Dr Dave was my first experience with a naturopathic physician and he certainly impressed me! I had been plagued with a chronic cough for five years. Needless to say, I now have no cough, thanks to Dr Dave. He also gently fixed my ribs that had been giving me pain due to years of coughing! I always leave his office feeling better than when I arrived. Dr Dave is a very knowledgeable, sincere, caring naturopathic physician and I couldn’t be happier.”

Susan Lavender

Great naturopathic doctor who l listens carefully and offers good suggestions for improving your health. His knowledge of excellent supplements is superb and what he recommended for me has helped me a lot!

Jeanette Watkins

“Dr. David Hamilton has been my family doctor for over five (5) years and has helped to improve my health. Dr. Dave saved my life. I was bit 3.5 years ago by a Black Widow spider and it went sepsis, after a long Hospital stay, 18 weeks of pic line antibiotics, a blood transfusion, extensive surgery, to get the infection out of the shoulder and inter-sternum clavicular joint in the chest, etc… the bone infection was still there. Long story short Dr. Dave came up with a creative tincture using a mushroom family that acts like an antibiotic and it worked to rid the body of infection.
Dr. Dave looks at the entire picture, he is creative to help one get their health and compassionate about what he does. Dr. Dave is exceptionally smart and brilliant. I love him, he is a great doctor. I recommend him to everyone. I owe him my life and health for all I do now. If you have a complex case, he will go the extra mile to help you get your health back. I know because he has done it for me, even with simple ailments I come down with, he is terrific at Preventive Wellness. I can’t say enough awesome sauce stuff about him and his practice. Much gratitude, Samantha Britton”

Samantha Britton

“Dr. Dave Hamilton is truly amazing. Tired of ending up in the ER due to high blood pressure, panic attacks, insomnia and obesity-related illness, I took a friend’s advice and visited Dr. Dave.
6 months later I can say my life has improved considerably. I am able to sleep much better, my blood pressure it’s at a normal level; I have learned to manage my panic attacks which are much less frequent and very mild; I have lost 30 lbs of weight (Yeyy!!). I feel like I am regaining control of my life again.
Dr. Dave took a holistic approach and a real interest in my issues and recommended treatments as well as lifestyle changes customized to my situation. I am so thankful for his kind and personal approach to health.
For anyone like me who does not want to take dozens of prescription medicines that are hard to come off with tons of side effects, Give the Doc a call. I’m glad I did.”

Christian Falla

“I met Dr. Dave by chance (or was it?) at a farmer’s market about a year ago and I am so glad that I did! My 13 year old son had been suffering with heartbreaking anxiety and panic. I had tried teaching him relaxation techniques and gave him probiotics and Vit B in an effort to help but to no avail. His pediatrician wanted to put him on prescription drugs but I knew in my heart there was a better way. Within one month of his initial consultation and subsequent treatment plan created by Dr. Dave he was 100% better. I never have to ask my son to take his supplements or tincture because it has helped him so much that he never misses a day on his own. He hasn’t had a panic attack or complained about anxiety since and for that we are eternally grateful to Dr. Dave. Of the Earth Wellness is awesome and I whole-heartedly recommend checking it out for yourself!”

Elizabeth Scarborough

Owner, Alternative Therapy Charlotte

Dr. Dave has helped to almost completely reverse the chronic health issues I had been dealing with. He is very professional and listens to all concerns. If you have not been able to find much help through Western medicine, I highly recommend going to Dr. Dave.

Abbie Crumrine

I am thankful for DrDave Hamilton, whose care enabled me to resume my teaching, attend a conference, see my son, do yoga, travel again, spend time with my family and friends, and get my life back. It has been 21 months since I fell ill with a reactivation of the Epstein-Barr virus, and every day that I can get out of bed and just live is a gift. I will never take that for granted again. Thinking of all of my friends who are struggling with chronic illness, and sending love and light.

Liz Evans

Assistant Professor at Winthrop University

Dr. Dave is knowledgable approachable and available to help you achieve the wellness you desire. His holistic approach is such a rewarding experience compared to your general “assembly line” Doctor experience. From old to young the very sick to the fairly well he does it all and very well. He has excellent connections for any service he does not provide himself. Highly recommend after using him as a consultant and naturopath for my patients and my self!

Dr. Jonathan Leake

Emergency Room Physician and Co-Owner of Hydrate Medical, Hydrate Medical

I have seen Dr Dave a few times over the past 2 years. This fall I was diagnosed with Lymes. I reached out to Dr. Dave and I have been under his care for 2 months now. I am seeing improvements already and the biggest benefit to me is my specific struggles are being listened to and they are addressed with conversation, brainstorming and a shift in the tinctures and supplements. Each patient will present with such  unique symptoms and it is reassuring to be with someone who actually implements this philosophy. I am a Yoga therapist and as a fellow practitioner I would highly recommend Dr Dave to my friends and clients.

Sybil Nance

Owner and Yoga instructor, Sukha Yoga Therapy

“I gave myself an early gift this year, something I’ve wanted for years: a visit to a Natural Health Center. I won’t bore you with my health issues, but I want to share my “out of the box” experience. I’m not ditching traditional medicine just yet, but I’d like to.” http://www.independenttribune.com/community/article_34a5b086-6bd0-11e3-93bb-001a4bcf6878.html

Tracy Himes

That Allergease formula is awesome. I was taking four Claritin a day, now I take about two a week. Thanks. I’ll have to reload on Saturday.  Thanks, Dr. Dave!

Bill Logan

Baker and Owner of Carolina Artisan Bread, Carolina Artisan Bread

Dr. Dave has treated everyone in our family, my wife, and me and our two young sons (2 and 6yrs old) in variou s areas for years and we love him! He is very personable, professional and truly cares for his patients. We appreciate that he treats the whole body and not just the illness or symptom. Its great to find someone with such broad range of knowledge (naturopathic, herbal medicine, tinctures, holisitc, physical medicine…You name it). Highly Recommend!!!

Andrew Swistak

Dr. Dave is a fantastic natural doctor! He’s very knowledgable, personable, a good listener, and takes his time. I really appreciate his help over the past summer and will definitely go back to him when needed.

Jamie Engel

Dr. Dave is wonderful! He puts you right at ease.  My 9yr old daughter sees him and she is very comfortable asking him questions and answering his.  We have seen great results since being under his care. He is always willing to provide information and support.  I have sent several friends to him and they all love him as well.

Brooke Atkinson

This summer and fall I hiked 1300 miles of the Appalachian trail over 110 days.  Dr. Hamilton kindly provided me with multiple tinctures and ointments that were highly useful for my journey.  At the start of my journey I was in pain often as I adjusted to the rigors of carrying my life on my back while climbing mountains. In particular my back really hurt. The De-pain formula was wonderful at controlling my pain.  It was the only pain reliever that I used. I took it in the evenings and when I woke the next morning my pain was greatly lessened. The wound salve was also wonderful. For two nights in a row my back had a puffy sore area from my pack rubbing it.  The first night I did not treat it and the swelling did not go down. On night 2 it was still irritated and swollen so I applied the salve. The next morning the swelling was gone, and it was definitely from using the salve.  I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hamilton and his remedies!!

Beth Falwell

Dr. Dave Hamilton is a professional, cannot say this enough. He has excellent remedies and sincerely cares about his patients.

Justin Saverin

Such a wealth of knowledge and resources. Glad we have Dr Dave in the area!

Haydee Luciano

I met with Dr. Hamilton recently, and was so impressed with both his knowledge base and his compassion. Unlike most “western-trained” physicians, Dr. Hamilton wants to understand the complete picture of your life: your diet, your exercise habits, what stresses you out, and other basic things that western medicine often ignores.The result is that he can customize his treatments to fit your particular situation, and target the causes rather than just the symptoms of what ails you.

All the while he is listening attentively and non-judgmentally, and is absolutely determined to help where others have failed. If you’re tired of doctors immediately reaching for the prescription pad, refresh your faith in the profession by seeing Dr. Hamilton!

Jason Rankin

For years since the birth of my daughter, I have had issues with an overactive bladder. I finally had the nerve to talk to my OBGYN about it and was put on medication. I took it and it was helping but I did not like how I felt during the day so I just took it at night. That worked for a while but because of the work I do, I started noticing that I was having to go to the bathroom almost every hour. This was becoming very time consuming and frustrating for me and I also was starting to almost not make it to the toilet. I talked to my doctor (who just wanted to change to another more expensive prescription) and read many articles to try to find answers. I just thought it was because I was getting older and I was going to have to live with this because I don’t want surgery. Everyone said just do kegel exercises, well they don’t work with an overactive bladder. I was getting very frustrated because I am very active outdoorsy girl and I was having to spend so much of my time “planning” bathroom visits.
Well, I went to Dr. Dave for a check up and adjustment and happened to mention that my main health complaint other then the usual aches and pains was my overactive bladder. He spent a lot of time with me and really listened and I could tell he was really thinking what would help me. He recommended that I start taking a probiotic specially formulated for women. I had been on a probiotic but this formulation has basically been the CURE! Within a week, I noticed that I could go longer between stops. He also put me on caprylic acid to help calm the nerves in the badder. It’s only been a couple of weeks, I can’t believe something so simple as a few supplements would cure me from years of taking a prescription and it’s side effects. I highly recommend Dr. Dave, he truly cares and spends time really listening to people. I can not thank him enough for helping me, it’s been life altering for me!
Thanks Dr. Dave